Born in Queens, New York, Abra spent the first eight years of her childhood in London, England. After London, her family settled in the quiet suburbs outside Atlanta. At 14, Abra began playing guitar. Later in her teens, she began uploading her acoustic covers of rap songs onto YouTube. This led to her being discovered by Awful Records founder, Father, who encouraged her to make original music. She joined the label in 2014.


Her first LP, Rose, was released in 2015. The song "Fruit" was featured in an article on the best R&B songs of 2016 by The Guardian. On July 15, 2016, Abra dropped off her second EP, Princess, a co-branded release between True Panther and Awful Records. Vogue commented in 2016 that Abra’s "deliberate contrasts are part of her artistic identity on the whole: Abra is a member of the mostly male-dominated Awful Records coterie, an outlier crew swiftly taking over Atlanta with a sound that stands apart from ATL's rap oeuvre”.


"Her bedroom productions now stand as a testament to the cathartic power of music, echoing her Baptist upbringing while encompassing her unique sense of self." - Ssense, 2017


"(her) music’s rough edges belie a palpable sense of confidence,

emotionally vulnerable yet full of strength." - Dazed, 2016


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